All below, but not only:

creating personalized itineraries
booking flights – including private jets & charter options
flight tracking
online check-in & seat assignment
airport protocol services, meet & greet requests and transfers
hotel reservations
limo and/or car local transportation
helicopter and/ or yacht charter options
unique experience arrangements
frequent flyer & travel-reward account management
travel checklist & documents requirements
clear records of travel budgets & expenses

it’s all taken care of for your convenience and peace of mind.

Travel concierge

As traveling became a necessity for business operations and development, the “improvised travel agent” function performed by random company staff quickly proved to be inefficient and counterproductive to say the least. Today, travel concierge services represent the ideal alternative for people who want to invest their attention and energy in promoting their business worldwide or spending more leisure time with family and friends.

You may be looking to attend or plan a high-powered corporate event, arrange a weekend getaway for two or a full-blown holiday in an exotic destination… turning all of these into smooth, stress-free experiences requires the type of coordination and knowledge that only comes with years of experience and practice.

At Aviance we go beyond the routine of a common travel agent. We take the time to know you, understand and map your specific needs and prioritize all the information that will help us design & deliver the travel concierge plan best suited to you.

Our Concierge Travel Consultants are passionate, bilingual, educated, tech savvy wizards experienced in using both online & offline resources to profile destinations, providers and particular services in order to meet your requests and enhance your travelling experience as much as possible.


The travel insurance can eliminate or at least reduce the inconvenience caused by an unwanted incident. Don’t push your luck! Your holiday is much more important than that!

Whether you must cancel a trip, you missed a flight connection for independent reasons, whether a flight is canceled, you lost your passport or need medical evacuation, we are prepared to face any situation.

What could happen? Enjoy your vacation and let us take care of you!

Dynamic consultance

Our service is unique and dynamic as it reflects You and What You Need when you travel. We take all of your likes, dislikes, preferences and wish list items to heart and start planning your trip from the “extra mile” point.

Your own, personal travel consultant …how does it sound?

From the moment you leave your home until the moment you return, our attention goes into creating the most seamless, convenient and meaningful travel experience possible. When you become an Aviance client, you not only gain a reliable service and an experienced team of experts, but also a partner and trust worthy resource.

We count on uninterrupted access to major global distribution systems enabling us to view & compare the offers of more than 250 legacy airlines, active private jets operators & charter providers; extensive knowledge of airport operations and long term working arrangements ensuring our access to the agent-dedicated commercial deals of more than 80% of the biggest hotel wholesalers (meaning over 500.000 international hotels & car rental companies)…

Is it the adventure trip you’ve had on you mind for so long? or the spa retreat “break from the routine” you’ve been thinking about recently? …or, maybe, it’s the happiest reason ever to go vacationing – your honeymoon. Whatever the destination and purpose, we can make your trip extra special!

We are here for you

We are here to provide inspiration, research, expert advice and thorough planning… having a helping hand when you are abroad has never been more valuable.

If you are currently looking to build a partnership for your leisure travel wish list, we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise with you. Let’s start talking!

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