Your personal travel consultant

At Aviance we go beyond the routine of a common travel agent. We take the time to know you, understand and map your specific needs and prioritize all the information that will help us design & deliver the travel concierge plan best suited to you.

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An exclusive travel agency specialized in corporate and luxury services

They say knowledge is power…

For us this is much more than a simple statement, it’s the very fuel of our work and vision. Well researched, topnotch travel advice, the brain power to put it in action and expert support for every stage of your journey, these are our intelligent tools to make your travelling experience as seamless as possible. We’re combining the energy of our business with the power of your travel ideas, to do far more than anything we could each do on our own.

Why Choose Us?

If you’ve reached this site, you probably understand that travel means more, to you and your company, than booking a plane ticket or a hotel room. Chances are that some part of your travel plan will need to change to keep a fair balance between needs and costs. That’s when having experienced travel consultants on your side will really make the difference. Whether it’s a business event you need to get to or organize, a family vacation in a spectacular location or a romantic escapade on your own exclusive beach, we can surely make it happen!

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